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Restaurants and Business Offering Curbside and Delivery

Business Name                                                 Options Available                                                      Menu
Abraham's Tiendita
Bar Castaneda
Daylight Donuts
El Rialto Restaurant
El Sombrero Restaurant 
JC's New York Pizza
Johnny's Mexican Kitchen   
Kocina De Raphaels
La Fiesta Restaurant
Little Moon Chinese Restaurant
Little Saigon         
Oishi & Dichos                                              Curbside and Delivery 
Olivia's Cafe
Pedro's Bakery
Roadrunner Bar & Grill
Shark Bite
Smiling Faces Restaurant                    
Taco King
Tequilas Bar & Grill 
Chains (these may not be locally owned, but our neighbors still work here!) 
Pizza Hut
Chester's Chicken at Love's
Little Ceasar's 
Subway at Love's 
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