If you are interested in filming in LV or SM County,

Please contact:

Chuck Griego, City of Las Vegas Film Liaison & Event Planner

505-454-1401 ext.1604, 505-429-1298


Angie Lyster, SM County Film Liaison & LVSM Chamber Managing Member



Courtesy of Mykle D. Williams

Coming soon.... Location photos and videos of Las Vegas and San Miguel County for Filmmakers interested in our beautiful area...

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NM Film Office

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Casting Calls for

LV and SM County

Roswell Casting Calls

Just a note...

Film production information is only released to the community after the NM Film Office releases it to the public. Confidentiality must be maintained and is mandatory as Film Liaisons work with production companies. This is a requirement for all Film Liaisons throughout the State of New Mexico, even if there is not an NDA in place, it is always implied and expected from the contacts in the industry. Film production is a business like no other, and it operates differently than anything you've ever known. 

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Outer Range Casting Calls (Season 1 has wrapped)

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