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Part 1- From Settlement to Rail Town

Part 2- From Rail Town to Statehood

Part 3- From Statehood to Centennial

Includes Photography and Contributions from Anselmo F. Arellano, Edwina Portelle Romero, Marcus Gottschalk, Maurilio E. Vigil, Elmo Baca, Jacobo Duran, Margaret Vazquez-Geffroy, Robert Mishler, Steven M. Davis, J.J. Bowden, Dorothy A. Simpson, Julian Josue Vigil, Deborah Blanche, Milton W. Callon, Robert Rivas and Tey Diana Rebolledo

163 pages

If you want to pick one up in Las Vegas, call us at 505-429-2436 and cost is $40. All Proceeds go to Friends of the Museum

Las Vegas New Mexico Friends of the Museum 1835-1935 History Book

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