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Attention Non-Profits:

Reduce Your Use grant is open. This is a first-come, first-serve grant providing 501c3 organizations support for up to $5,000 for energy efficiency funding. The grant link is posted on the following site:

The following are the questions that will be asked:

PNM Account Number

Please enter your account number from your PNM bill. Enter all of the digits and dashes. (XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXX - X)

Grant Summary

Provide a 4 to 5 sentence overview of the proposed project. State the project goals.

Need and Energy Savings

Describe the need the grant funds will be used to address and how the project will save energy and money.

PNM Energy Efficiency Quick Saver Program

Have you heard of energy savings assistance (rebates) through the PNM Quick Saver program? PNM Quick Saver is one of several programs that help nonprofit business customers save energy and money. Eligible projects for PNM Quick Saver include: refrigeration components, lighting fixtures and lamps and lighting control upgrades. Nonprofit customers who can participate in this program use less than 200 kilowatts a month or use a Small Business rate schedule. See or for more information.

Project Evaluation

Describe how you will measure and evaluate your project.

Request Amount

Reduce Your Use Grants offer funding up to $5,000. This field only takes numbers. Example 4500. Do not include symbols such as +, -, or $.

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